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School Curriculum - Electives

Kindergarten-Grade 3PE

Students participate in PE two days a week. They explore physical education through different activities aimed at improving both gross and fine motor skills. Students practice manipulative (fine motor) skills using various objects including balls and batons. Rope jumping skills are practiced individually and with partners. Students practice body awareness and work on body strength by participating in calisthenics and track and field activities. Finally, students participate in relays and organized games.

Grades 4-8 PE/Athletics

All Grade 4-8 students participate in PE two days a week. The focus is on developing skills for a variety of sports and activities. The sports related emphasis includes both individual and team sports. Sports and activities include soccer, golf, basketball, rope jumping, volleyball, softball, track and field, and health related fitness. Teamwork, fair play, competition, and cooperation and leadership are encouraged. Instruction includes learning the rules, strategy, and etiquette of the sports and activities. Positive attitudes, daily participation, respect, and leadership roles are stressed throughout the sports and activities.

Mileage Club

Every Friday all preschool through eighth grade students participate in Mileage Club. This is an organized walking club where students walk around the quarter-mile playground track. Students accumulate punches on a card and tokens whenever a card is filled.

Art 1: Grades K-3

In art, the students are given the chance to express themselves visually. The children have the opportunity to work with a variety of media including pencils, crayons, markers, paints, pastels, and water colors. The students also work on special crafts throughout the year. Through the art lessons, the children learn about how artists work and about the elements of art.

Art 2: Grades 4-8

In art, the students are exposed to and experiment with a wide range of art media and techniques. Art becomes a way to explore their creativity. The students are introduced to various forms of art including painting, collage, drawing, and design. Students are introduced to a variety of artists throughout the year. From colored pencil and charcoal, to glue, cutting, paint and pastels, various media are used to create two dimensional pieces of art. Each of the projects presents a new opportunity to develop creative and artistic abilities, leaving the students with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Music K-8

Exposure to the form, function, and artistry of music is the focal point of Grace Lutheran School’s music program. Students work on rhythm, pitch, tone, and dynamics by using their voices and various musical instruments. There is also concentration on vocal quality, note reading and writing, and famous composers throughout history. Students are asked to come and sing at Grace Lutheran Church during the school year as a thank you for the church’s support. All students also participate in a Christmas program.



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