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School Curriculum - PK-2

Pre-Kindergarten 2 is a wonderful time to grow and get prepared for Pre-Kindergarten. There are numerous age appropriate activities to help them grow and learn.



Jesus Time

The privilege of Grace Lutheran School is the opportunity to discuss God and his desires for our lives. Our religion program is based on the Fun Shine Express "Faith Lessons" curriculum, which is centered on the joy of being forgiven children of God and accepted with unconditional love by Jesus, our Savior. The children worship God through song and prayer. They learn what God promises for His people today through Old and New Testament bible stories. The children also worship weekly during school chapel services.


Language Arts

The two year olds are exposed to a print-rich environment. Our program has many child friendly, developmentally appropriate materials, and activities. Children play, build, sing, color and learn while developing important skills for Pre-Kindergarten. The two's become familiar with letters, shapes, and colors.



The children do many hands-on activities that involve counting skills, patterning, sorting, and number recognition.


Two's are intrigued by many topics relating to science and the wonderful world God created. Observing, communicating, classifying, measuring, comparing are the concepts introduced.

Social Studies

They will learn about themselves, their families, and the world around them. Specific topics are introduced in correlation with the curriculum themes.


The children are encouraged to be creative with colors, lines, shapes, and designs. There are many opportunities to work with a variety of crayons, markers, paints, and glue.


Two year olds have many opportunities to express themselves through song, movement, and rhythm.

Life Skills

We work very diligently on our social skills in our PK2 program. Learning manners and respect for others around us will create building blocks for our little ones as they continue to grow and prepare for Pre-Kindergarten. We also work very diligently on potty training. We make this a team effort between teacher and parents, providing a safe and loving environment for the child to become familiar and comfortable to potty train. We try to make it as fun and encouraging for each child.



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