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School Curriculum - Latin


A very important subject in Classical education is the subject of Latin. You may ask the question, "Why Latin?" Listed below are a number of reasons detailing why Latin is so important to the whole philosophy of Classical education. After examining the list you might be led to change your question to: "Why not Latin?" Pastor Obersat, Headmaster at Grace is also the Latin instructor.

  • Learning Latin exercises the memory. Training the intellect begins with training the memory.
  • Learning Latin teaches mental discipline; it trains the student in logical thought processes which are transferable to other subjects and disciplines.
  • Every lesson in Latin is a lesson in logic.
  • Learning Latin makes a student form habits of precise and concise thought and expression.
  • Learning Latin encourages one to think through a thought prior to expressing it.
  • Learning Latin deepens the student's understanding of English words; it produces a knowledge of the words from the inside.
  • Learning Latin expands the student's English vocabulary.
  • Learning Latin helps the student develop a better understanding of language grammar...including English grammar.
  • Learning Latin helps a student develop a sense of stylistic excellence concerning the English language (and others).
  • Learning Latin eases the study of all Western languages especially the Romance languages.
  • Latin provides the basis for all Western (occidental) languages.
  • Latin is the easiest of the Classical languages to learn. (Latin, Greek, Hebrew)
  • Latin opens the door to study the Latin Bible and Classical literature in the original language.
  • Latin opens our understanding to the roots of our own and all Western culture.
  • To quote J.W. Mackail: "Latin is not a dead language. It has merely ceased to be mortal."

The Classical Liberal Arts consist of the Trivium (Grammar, Logic/Dialectic, Rhetoric) and the Quadrivium (Astronomy, Music, Geometry, Arithmetic). The Classical language Latin, is considered an essential part of all three developmental levels of the Trivium. One cannot fully understand the Quadrivium or the historical development of its subjects without a complete grounding in the Trivium, which requires a knowledge of and facility with the Latin language.

A Classical education is more than a discipline of the mind. It is a transformation of the mind!

K-1 students at Grace receive a brief introduction with Latin by singing a few Latin songs and learning a few phrases. Formal Latin instruction begins in the second and third grade where the students learn from the text Prima Latina. Students in grades four through eight during the 2014-2015 school year are placed in either First Form or Second Form Latin. Latin is offered as well in our high school program. Learning Latin is a great blessing to our students and their families!


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